Please enter your Mii name, friend code, and safari Pokémon (if you know them) in the boxes above. Then click on Send and a message to send to FriendSafariBot will be automatically be generated. Do not alter this message in any way! If something looks wrong, hit the back button, fix it here, and then try again. Once submitted, flair will usually be set within 15 minutes. You’ll receive a message from the bot and your flair will be displayed on the right sidebar of /r/friendsafari when it’s done.

Important information for newcomers: If you do not know your safari Pokémon, leave the last field on the default “I don’t know what my Friend Safari type is!” option. In such a case, you will need to include the phrase [Safari Unknown] (exactly as written, complete with brackets) in your post title if you wish to make your own topic on /r/friendsafari. Once you know what your Friend Safari Pokémon are, come back to this page and make another flair request with the Pokémon section filled out.

WARNING: Providing false information will lead to a ban from /r/friendsafari!